“The darkest of all time,
Illuinate the brightest of all light.”

“On the hardest of all soil,
Bear the wildest of all plant.”

“Within the arid nature,
The cactus will erupt.”

“The coldest of nature,”
Bear the arctic willow.


Toughest times,
eduate the mind of a poet.
fashioned by cultural oppression.
Embracing literacy,
in a foreign tongue.
Mentored by a wanderer,
tutored by a sage.


Like a thief in the night.
The evil in the breast of men,
forged into a war.


Names became forgotten,
Numb his soul,
discarded in a spot.
Left alone, in a world,
of celebrated hegemony.
Castrated by injuries to the soul,
buried in scars.
Death became the only option.

Intoxication, took the mind of a teetotaler
Ravaged by self-destruction,
inspired by horrendous terror.

A man of innate activism.
A voice, for those who have voices,
but are voiceless in all situations.
Leader of practical freedom
A hope for the oppressed.
A vision for the envisioned.
A soul for the mind.
Bathed in an aqua of literacy.



His loudest thought,
Carved in different tongue,
Illuinate the darkest spots
Connected souls,
Built bridges,
Became a religion,
With practical followers,
and lettered believers.
An idol,
to a world of selective words.

Some call him a legend
Some regard him as a leader
With my deepest thought
He is a leader with a poetic mind

Ko Un

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