I’ve lost the taste of love



With a heavy heart,
and a disturbed mind.
Caged in an unbearable pain.

I’ve lost the taste of love

A pen in my hand,
flowing with rivers of ink.
Thesis of power victims,
Barricade by flames of extremism,
Sacrificing the honor of a girl child,
Raping her independence,
With unsittable fragility,
Categorise by media whore,
Masquerade in a failed system,
Insidious cancer,
Channelled by power driven monsters.


My eyes are pregnant with tears,
Pains dipped in passion,
Sadness darken my soul,
Sacrificing womanhood,
In the name of power.
Fuel by greed,that,
Imprison the heart of man.



I’ve lost the taste of love
In a world; where mothers
trade their daughters for money.
Where fathers rape their daughters.
I’ve lost the taste of love


Ocean of unprotected fragility,
Strength portray as weakness,
A world of institutionalized
Child marriage,
Dwelling in a
A sea of constipated fistula,
celebrated pains of womanhood.
I’ve lost the taste of love
Bring back our girls



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