I’m in love with your ugliness

I can see the struggle,
behind the hustle.
I can hear your cries,
The melody of your pains,
The echo in your anger,
The reverbation in your actions,
The odor it emanates.


I know you feed on attention,
the fuel behind the drama.
You are the weakest,
yet the strongest.
I see the reflections,
Of your actions.
The beauty in your inactions,
the energy currency of your drama.

Your attitude stank,
Yet the odor is refreshing.
My heart beat,
for your actions.
They are annoying,
Yet inviting.
I’m interested in your case,
I love the taste of your actions.
though it is salty and bitter.


I see beauty behind that ugliness
I see love behind that hatred
I see perfections in those visible imperfections
I see light,
In those spot of darkness.
I see a beauty that never sleeps,
in a grim house.
I’m in love with your ugliness.
Cos, I’m in love with you.




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