Mr john: yes, we are talking about you. I’m talking about you. To be specific, everything is all about you. The problem with you is that you think about yourself, you dont think about others, you dont think about what people think, you dont think about our emotions,

Simi:“our emotions”
She stood up, she was totally dumbfounded
Somehow Mr john contenance changed

Mr john: I’m sorry, please dont hurt yourself

Simi: are you trying to take advantage of my brief illness, is it because i’m a woman?
Mr john: yes, its because you are a woman; you are kind, soft, caring, and undecisive. Yes, you are a woman. Thats who you are
Upon your hottiness, your directionless, you are still a woman!!!
A weak one to be precise, one who overcompensate for her weakness by being mean and reckless.

Simi stood up and projected her hand 45 degree to the face of Mr John, and landed a hot slap on his cheeks.
In a nut shell Mr john was slapped

And Mr John replied…

Mr john: Are you done?
Can i continue my honest observation?
He said

Simi was shocked, how can a man be this calm? even after being slapped.
Two nurses dashed in.
They could feel the reverbation of the slap, without hesitation they attacked mr john.
Why did you slap your madam?
They nursed him with insult.
He pointed to the drug chest,
It fell down. She stood up and was trying to use the ladies. No one is slaping anyone. I was helping her to the conveniences
He said
The nurses helped simi to the ladies without apologising to Mr john. It was as if nothing happened. No sense of remorse.
Mr john interrupted their movement to demand apology
Are you not courteous enough, to apologise when you are wrong?\
You were quick to deploy ballistic of insults on me, you attacked me without proper investigations
The nurses knowing the doctors must not know about their ugly performance, They apologised in a deceitful manner
Mr john recognising the apology, reacted to the nurses in a similar presentation

Simi left the place, with a heavy heart, knowing the level of damage she has done to her own self esteem.she thought she could control anything, she was certain of her level of composure
Until now!!
Mr john went outside for fresh air (every one needs fresh air after that slap)
Simi came out from the ladies, he noticed Mr john was absent. He peeped out through the windows, what she saw made her understand a fact about calm men…
It was

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