I’m about to take you on a journey, a place where mafias become designated constituted authority.
As a butcher of words, I’m going to put this on a slaughter slab.
Most mafias are simply dogs who became lion in the presence of weak and dis united populace.
Governor understood he has to create fear to rule, he weaponise the human fear. To stamp his foot of power on a cold environment, he spread fear through the mind of the populace. He introduces the so called operation burst. They were the perfect guards, bursting all the crimes, silencing thugs and miscreants. In no time they become a force that terrifies people in the presence of their fortified armory they graduated from a protector to an oppressor. They inflict pains in children; they dictated the colours of their happiness.
Until the sword of damocles dangle on their head.
Human sacrifice was needed in the name of a fashionable bride who was beaten to death, by the force the governor created.
The people find their voice, rattled by the untimely death. They prayed like they always do. But this time around, well. I don’t know if the shades of accidents that came in batches were the reason operate burst reduced their oppression to minimal. Whatever the reason. They stopped the beating. May be the Emperor call his guards to order. Their job was done, the message was clear, he has a personal black force. That only answers to the governor.
He started the youth empowerment scheme program, popularly know as YES O. Another parliamentary oppressor was created, they close shops, a lot of illegal arrests were made. In a short while, they became jackals, in a house of chickens. For the purpose of generating revenue for the constituted Authority.
A perfect game plan keeps rolling, governor Ajimobi moved to institutionalising extortion. Politicising unionism in the most acceptable way you can ever think of. From the famous NURTW to the food canteen association, the money kept coming in. Well it is all for the state. Our own Al capone.
He set regulations, he was strict with the civil servants, he knew he could use their salary to weaponise his political ambition. He didn’t pay them in 18months, and there was no resistance. They could not utter a word on the radio, who dare goes against the constituted authority?
He moved to the students, he started with using tear gas against student of polytechnic Ibadan. To dealing with the lautech student, telling them he is the constituted authority in the state. No power should question his authority, he is the Emperor and every other person in Oyo state is the subject.
His outracious declaration trend on social media, there was public uproar. Lautech students raise their voices. But it was never attended to. Who will question the authority of the constituted authority?
He moved to royalties, A man that refuses to pay civil servants decide to bribe his way and distort the creation of Ibadan tradition.
The creative Ajimobi, Innovate his own kind of royalties, A royalty that befit an emperor, as we have several kings in Ibadan. I don’t know how that end up, since a certain elder stateman in oyo state took the case to court. Well…
The record breaker: the only governor to be elected twice as the executive governor of oyo state. Though some people believed it was rigged. He is the new oppressor the gullible masses have to worship, the authority they have to answer to, because he will soon become a senator
Governor Abiola Ajimobi, the undefeated picture merchant, Husband of king of Queens. Father to a media whore, conveyer of words in different shades, builder of palms mall, owner of mokola bridge….
Your presence and your power will be passed down to upcoming generations in different shades.
We will together make Nigeria great

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