A pen in my hand


A pen in my hand,
with ink fuel by pains,
and a bleeding heart.
Inspired by a beautiful soul.



I write;
for the peace,
and the sanity in an insane world.
For the ones born in the wrong generation
For victims of domestic violence
For the sacrificial lambs
For victims of gender inequality
For the damaged souls.
for the sexualised girl child,
and the pains of womanhood.
For the victims of emotions
For the wolves
Fighting in the heart of a man







In the name of the beautiful serenes
That give the soul a peaceful orgasm
for the windy desert
and the beauty of the sun
for the strormy cloud
and the quiet rain
for the pregnant sky
and the heavy downpour
for the soul of the nature


i write
in the name of love
fuel by fantasies and imaginations
feelings that dictate our emotion
for the unrequitted love
for the amazing reality
we call love

i write
for the beauty,
that never sleeps
the sleeky gorgeous perfection
the curvy indentations
with the magnificients
for the scattering illuminations
and the melanin goddess

i write
with calibrations,
and specifications.
With a pen in my hand
I write


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